Scot-Tussin Quality Assurance

Decades of experience since 1956 in providing you with quality medicines goes into every product. Scot-Tussin has been an innovator in the formulation of sugar-free and alcohol-free medicines for the diabetic consumer and has been fortunate to have received recommendations from generations of doctors. Scot-Tussin has been and still is committed to the often over-looked special needs patient. Our medicines are safe for the typical consumer as well as those with diabetes, celiac sprue, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Brief History

In 1956, Professor S.G. Scotti (pictured), a registered pharmacist and college professor with a doctorate in Chemistry and Pharmacology, was working in various pharmacies when he noticed that diabetics were being given medications loaded with sugar. Being a diabetic himself, he thought this practice unwise and decided to put up a sugar-free, alcohol-free cough/cold medicine for them. He coined the phrase “Sugar-Free” in the 1950’s.